You can safely establish me as part of your business and brand.

A bit about...

As an individual dedicated to Africa’s conservation through tourism, I have dedicated my career to understanding and experiencing all aspects of the safari industry. Sharing with you the belief that a successful safari business comes from a passion for conservation, communities and changing people’s lives.

After over 15 years learning industry's idiosyncrasies, I’ve gained invaluable perspective on successes and failures. This breadth of experience, relationships and insight allow me to anticipate a wide range of your company’s challenges and seize key opportunities while giving you, as the owner or manager, a peer who can act as an ad-hoc partner. Comfortable working both collaboratively and independently, I am a versatile consultant for a range of needs as I deeply understand every link in the supply chain: from B2B and B2C sales to operations to camp management, and finally the academics of conservation and tourism. A natural enjoyment of sales, marketing and public relations provide ease in networking and liaising with media, top travel agents and clientele to grow your sales. In-depth knowledge the North American market and dedication to the safari industry provide the leadership may take your business to the next level with a dedicated and trustworthy advisor. This high-touch approach is supported by close relationships in the safari industry, both on the African continent and abroad.