I hone in on the bottlenecks in your business, and establish deliverables and timelines, while also covering day-to-day needs.

How it works

The decision to engage my advising services is a personalized and custom journey to meet your exact growth objectives.

After a number of meetings, we will identify your key business objectives, timelines and goals. A monthly fee will cover those ongoing projects with key deliverables. Complementary to this service, is a commission-based senior sales person as your safari consultant. This can be either a back-up role or a lead role, as needed.

You immediately gain a ‘right-hand’ who can brainstorm with you, grow markets, expand product, inspire your brand, close sales, and cover your bases when key team members are unavailable. Of course, your needs change: perhaps it is sales support one month, PR or brand development the next, and supplier negotiations later. It can change all the time, but you now have in your team someone who can respond immediately to all these changing needs. All the while, you are using your precious resources wisely. Think of it as a low-cost way of getting high-cost talent, with strong commitment to your success and individuality. 

As a white-label consultant to just a few companies - each with its own specialty and objectives – there is a level of dedication that one would expect from a full-time employee. As your independent consultant, trust is key, and with a reputation for upholding the highest standards of confidentiality, you can be assured that my services are done in isolation from other clients, and there will be very little overlap in markets between my few clients.  It is my commitment to you and your company, thoughtful selection of clients, and my care and expertise, which make this a choice opportunity.